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What is Hum@n?

The project aims to develop a set of tools and guidelines addressed to higher education educators in the field of humanities with the goal to improve their ICT skills for increasing teaching and research performance, consequently the attainment of their students and motivation.

our goals

ICT skills

Hum@n will boost humanities professors’ digital competences by training them on the most cutting-edge technologies and practices (coding, augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics, cloud computing, big data).ย 

Teaching performance

The future of higher education will increasingly rely on web lessons, cloud teaching and learning, e-assessment and the personalization of teaching and training.

Motivation and engagement

Hum@n will trigger students’ critical thinking and problem-based attitude through digital tools to facilitate their access to job market.ย 

our results


Objective 1

We will collect case studies and policy recommendations to develop contents and to raise awareness of the project among the institutions and people Hum@n is addressed to. The handbook is available here.

Training strategy

Objective 2

We will develop the Hum@n training strategyย and contents to help academics adapt existing ICT tools to their needs and to approach problem-based learning pedagogy.

Knowledge platform

Objective 3

We will create a knowledge sharing platform to support academics’ย  teaching strategy and to improve their skills, favouring the co-creation of learning contents.

our News

our Team